Monday, June 11, 2007

Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

Fun error we get in aspdotnetstorefront all the time! It could happen when you recompile the website, or when you publish to a staging or live server. The easiest way to handle this is to open the task manager and kill the asp_net worker process. This is faster than an iisreset, which is the next step to take if killing the process does not remove that error.

Don't bother with what the error message says, it's just a hiccup when the app starts thinking about an exit strategy for the war in Iraq.


Janna said...

I am having this error constantly. I have copied and deleted the program to wwwroot several times and thought it might be due to duplicate registry keys. I kept trying this because I could not get the solution to compile with out errors. I need to start from a clean slate. Do I need to delete the registry keys that I can see when I open the solution file in notepad? Should I be trying tro compile the solution file or just the main projetc file? Did you create only a virtual directory for the web folder or for the main folder? It shouldn't be this hard, but I am having major trouble and I am pretty experienced. Help!

Robin said...

Janna, I have no way to contact you, please post your email or make it visible in your profile. You can email me at I can help you start from a clean slate, I think I posted on that earlier, it involves editing your project file.

As far as compiling goes, I only compile the projects one at a time and then I move over the compiled dlls by hand to the web bin folder. Then I compile the website independently and I publish to the precompiled web directory and I move over my files to my staging server by hand via ftp. We'll write a bat file when we have things more under control.

Anyway, send me an email and I'll see if i can help you out.

Ex DNSF User said...

ASPDotNetStoreFront Stinks! I am getting the "Attempted to read or write protected memory" error even after applying the hotfix recommended by ASPDotNetStoreFront in their knowledgebase. They claim that "this is not a problem with our software, it is a problem with the ASP.NET framework..." - we manage several 2.0 applications, and the aspDotNetStoreFront is the only one that throws the protected memory error. We are looking for a more reliable eCommerce solution, dotNetStoreFront is simply not reliable, and their "customer support" (if you can call it that!) leaves a lot to be desired. If anyone has any suggestions for a RELIABLE shopping cart for our growing business please let me know.

Robin said...

I have found ASPDNSF to be problematic and we've had to clean up a lot of bugs. I've also never received this error before in my other .Net apps. I'm trying to move to a Commerce Server 2007 focus for our .Net ecommerce sites. I'll be posting lots about that in future blogs :)

jerry said...

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