Thursday, April 19, 2007

ADP Taxware Web API integration

This is just a short note about a gotcha I keep encountering with ADP taxware and then I neglect to document it, and it bites me in the a**. So here I am sharing my pain with the world (i should get a cookie).

ADP Taxware is a program that runs on a server. We have it running on our webserver with our website; currently our load allows this configuration. When the website calls the Taxware API, it needs access to the \program files\taxware directory. You MUST allow the internet anonymous account access to this directory or you will get an obscure error message, and stepping through the code will reveal it to be a permission denied error.

The only other quick advice I have to offer is make sure you copy your dlls to the system32 folder on your server; just residing in the taxware folder (where the install puts them) doesn't seem to be sufficient.

Finally, although Taxware's documentation is cumbersome, their tech support guy on this API is fantastic, his name is Jonathan Wang. Happy coding!


Manoj said...

Yes, I have used aspdsf for a number of clients. Once deployed the solution is really seo friendly.

However if things dont work its hard to communicate with their technical support! I have had several issues with configuration e.g. with google checkout and the tech support is really difficult to figure out.

They bring out a number of fixes to bugs, so its important to sign up to the support package. I think its a good solution for a web agency to have in its arseanal however if you are looking at deploying a one of store the learning curve is very steep.

Also depends on requirments of clients, we love the varient feature, but for simple stores its way to complex and training clients on the backend user interface is not easy.

There are some other solutions like pdpro, but I would feel they are not really that strong on security...

for a dot net solution i guess it does the job... but allow for lots of time in configuration...


Steve Berke said...

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